Wednesday, 21 April 2010

April Spring Fling

Unknown varigated yarn that my neighbor gave me. Beige yarn I purchased on a cone from WEB at the Stitches West convention. US2 needles.
I took this pattern with me on a road trip. With no internet access, I wasn't able to get more information on how to do the afterthought heel so I continued on with favorite eye of partridge heel. I'm not usually comfortable working with multiple yarns so this was a nice easy push out of my comfort zone.
Alternating yarn really hid the ugly pooling of the varigated yarn. I would do this pattern again with a varigated contrasting yarn.
Thank you for another great pattern. Looking forward to May.


pendie said...

I love the colors of your yarn; too bad you don't know what it is! Your socks came out great.

Tama said...

Love them! The colors are great!

Sandy and Steve said...

Very pretty!

Steph said...

Very pretty! The colors are so spring! :)