Thursday, 29 April 2010

Aprils Spring Fling socks

Oef, finally I've found my camera!

These socks are made with the cotton leftovers of my March-socks and some wool that's been waiting for a while to be used.
I don't have an I-Cord, so I knitted the string together with the curling board.
I love the spiral inserted heel! Unfortunatly, these socks are knitted with a 2.5mm, so I had to adjust the rounds. It's not really a spiral now, more like a point sticking up, but... last week I've been shopping for 3mm yarn.
Thanks for this pattern!
looking forward for the May-socks!


Tama said...

Great job!!

Eva said...

Nice socks!

Hege said...

Great colours!

Christine said...

I love the color combo. This pattern was great for leftover yarn, wasn't it? I can't wait to make another pair.