Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's a Spring Fling for April!

These socks are all about Spring! Bright colors and a lacey design. I used leftover amounts of sock yarn, something I am sure we all have plenty of in our stashes, to create this little burst of sunshine. (Which, since we got a foot and a half of snow since yesterday, I could use a little of right now!)

You don't really have to have an I-cord maker for these cute socks, but if you have one it will make the tie much faster. I put in an inserted spiral heel, but a regular inserted heel or short row heel would also work just as well.

Enjoy your April everyone! I can't wait to see what everyone knits up! The pattern is available on our Google Group today.

Happy knitting!


MariecusBruyn said...

I'm looking forward to it!
*surching through stash for some bright leftovers*

Sandy and Steve said...

Cute heel! Looking forward to trying it out. What is an I-cord maker?

Tama said...

An I-cord maker is usually sold as a child's knitting toy. It makes the I-cord without using knitting needles. It's on a little spool thing that has pins sticking up that you wrap the yarn around. I prefer my knitting needles :o)

Sandy and Steve said...

Oh yeah! i know those things. I think a knitting needle would be faster.

Cinderbella said...

It looks like there is an error in the pattern where it says to knit until you are 4 1/2" from the toe. I am assuming this should be 1 1/2"?
Also, I don't understand how to do the spiral heel insert. Do I knit 1 row on all 66 stitches with the waste yarn, then continue on with the foot without doing the heel?

Tama said...

No the sock need to be 4 1/2 inches short of the total heel to toe measurement. For example, if your foot measures 9 1/2 inches from tip of toe to back of heel you would knit a 5 inch foot. Then the heel and the toe measurements become the rest of the total length.

If you are unfamiliar with an inserted heel and how it is worked you can consult the internet--Youtube, etc. or knitting books. Inserted pockets are worked almost the same way as heels. Otherwise work a short-row or regular heel instead.

Christine said...

I finished my first sock, and I found the inserted heel to be very easy. I had read an explanation online a couple of months ago, and it seemed much more complicated that it actually is. I also knit mine on #1's, instead of #2's, and I forgot to adjust for the difference. Oops! So I frogged the toe and added a few more rows: no biggie.