Friday, 2 July 2010

Firecrackers For July!

Sorry I am a day late.  I manage a year-round fireworks warehouse in Wyoming.....need I say more?  You can imagine what my schedule looks like from about mid-June til July 5th lol!  Yesterday was a record sales day for my store and I didn't have two seconds from the time I got up until my store closed at midnight to do anything but fireworks.

Of course, it's fitting then that with fireworks on my mind that somehow the socks for the month would reflect that.  The color of the yarn and the lace pattern reminded me of a VERY loud firecracker we sell.  The lace pattern is a twelve round repeat, but goes very quickly!

Have a wonderful month!  Happy knitting!

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Steph said...

I love them!!! I have the pattern printed off, my supplies gathered, and my yarn ready to go. I'm taking them with me to the park to watch the fireworks. *smile* Thanks for the lovely design, Tama. :)