Saturday, 17 July 2010


US1.5 Unknown yarn with 3 repeat of the lace pattern. I cast on too tight so I ended up having to knit these for my mom. I never had this problem before but I guess its because I'm been knitting toe up for the past 2 months. I was really looking forward to keeping these socks. The heel flap is a s1 k1 and I continued this pattern through the heel. I like the thicker heel since this is where I wear out my socks the quickest.
Its the perfect road trip project. I was apprehensive about the 12 round repeat for our road trip but it wasn't bad at all.

Thank you Tama for another great pattern. Looking forward to August.


Eva said...

Very nice colour and socks.

Tama said...

Glad you liked the pattern. The socks turned out great!

TrulyBlessed said...

Your socks are beautiful and a gorgeous color too! Can you share how you knit the heel and gusset please....I really like that part.
Thanks in advance.