Wednesday, 21 July 2010

July Firecrackers

Hi! Thought I'd show my June socks too...lousy picture, I know...they are based on May's Krotasokkar, and made for hubby, size 46 in shoes. 74 stitches, rib pattern, and that cute twisted stitch. But here are July's challenge- a quick and easy knit. I had enough yarn left to make a pair of matching wristwarmers.
Another lousy pic...

Yarn: Gjestal frost, 2.5mm circular needles, magic loop for the ribbing, heel and foot, 2.5mm wooden DPN's for the leg pattern.
The weather is so bad here on the westcoast of Norway that wool socks are still's raining buckets! The kids go swimming in the ocean, wearing wet suits and wool socks;-)
Have a great summer!

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Tama said...

Very pretty yarn! Nice job!