Sunday, 28 February 2010

Valentine socks

Here are my valentine socks completed. I didn't do the full length version as I just don't have the legs for knee high socks so I knit the pattern up to the point where it splits for the ribbon.
The yarn was some of Anni's super-wash merino in a rather delicious raspberry colour. It was a lovely pattern and I very much enjoyed knitting it. I particularly like lacey socks.

Thank you Tama for a lovely pattern that I know I'll be using again. Looking forward to the March pattern and I have the sock yarn ready for knitting.

Saturday, 27 February 2010


I made mine for Knitting with love. It wasn't really my style but I wanted to knit them.
I know for sure that there will be a girl in Romania who love them and they will make her smile for a little while in this harsh world.

I am done...finally...

It has taken some time for me to finish this socks...
Its not because of the pattern, its because I have had a lot of other stuff to do at the same time...
I think they turned out lovely with this mintgreen yarn and the dark green ribbon...
Thanks for the pattern I am looking forward to the next one...

Friday, 26 February 2010

my valentines also done


I had a little knitter's block (like in writer's block) this month so these socks took me about three weeks (normally it takes me about one week for a pair of socks). It certainly wasn't due to the pattern, that I loved. I just was not in the mood for knitting. I also choose to do the shorter version because that's more practical for me. But I think all those knee highs are beauties. After knitting half of the first leg I noticed I made a mistake. I just went on with the foot pattern so I only have hearts on the front and back. The yarn I dyed myself.
I got some light green for the March pattern. Can't believe this is going to be the sixth sock allready. I hope I get my mojo back (is that a good english expression, english just isn't my native language).

Groetjes, Mirella

Thursday, 25 February 2010

finally done

it was long journey, i love the pattern and how they turned out... ill make them shorter next time!

Friday, 19 February 2010

I finished the Victorian Valentine socks. I knitted them with KnitPicks Stroll yarn in Firecracker Heather. Very nice yarn to work with. I made them into regular length socks. I also did one row of hearts in the front and did the back of the leg in a lace pattern I am using in a sweater I am knitting. Thanks for the beautiful pattern--I enjoyed them except for the k4tog every 10 rows. I used a tiny crochet needle to get into the four stitches and pull the yarn through. Someone suggested it in a comment. Thanks for the help!!

Valentine Socks - Shorter Version

I love the pattern but knew I would never, nor could I wear, anything that lacy. Instead I ended up knitting a pair of short socks with only one row of hearts going up the center.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Hi!  Everyone's February socks are looking great!  For those of you still working on them, you have until March 5th to complete your February socks.  However, the March sock pattern will come out and be available on March 1st.

Also, for those of you that have been faithfully completing each sock of the month March is the final month in this first semi-annual grand prize drawing.  At some point during the first week of April we will make the announcement of the lucky winner of this first semi-annual drawing.  So, keep knitting!  And keep reading the blog to see who wins!  The next six month period will begin with April's sock pattern and run through September's sock pattern.  (Sure does make the year go by fast when you are looking at it that way!)  For all of you who missed out on this first grand prize drawing KEEP KNITTING so you can have a chance at the drawing in September.

Good luck!  Happy knitting!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentine Socks - The Short Version

Here is my version of the Victorian Valentine socks. Shorter, and without ribbon, but I still love them.

Yarn: Panda Cotton "Dotty Pastel"

Thanks for the pattern Tama. I can't believe it's already been five months! Looking forward to next month - I even have some green yarn to use.

Monday, 15 February 2010


Done! Fun pattern, andquick too.
I decided to make stockings, but with a couple of modifications...I'm not very fond of ribbons and lace, although I like the original...but to make them more useful for me, I did the back of the stocking in ribbing, increasing every 10th row a few times. They fit, I only need to add a ribbon or something at the top to keep them up! I also changed the edging, and knitted it on. Kitty likes them too;-)
Yarn: Ida strømpegarn, from TrysilGarn, 80%wool superwash, 20% nylon, 50gr=150m
I used just a little more than 4 balls.
Needles: My new Addi 2.5mm circular, wooden,( great needles!) magic loop, both at the same time.
Thanks for another nice pattern, Tama. Looking forward to March:-)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Victorian Valentine - Modified

I made them as socks instead of stockings. Love the heart the design. Looking forward to March's pattern. Unknown sock yarn that I purchased at Stitches West on US1

almost valentine

ive done one! im loving the result but at times i need to take 3 steps back to go forward!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Valentine socks done

Finished them yesterday but they were too wet to put on and the detail wasn't showing up on the blockers. Socks are longer than I normally wear but then again after I deliever I am always cold so these will be wonderful in the hospital. I thought about wearing them during delievery but thought maybe it would be better to put them on after the baby is here to keep me warm. lol I am using one of Anni's sock yarns. I love how it feels. The pattern was quick and easy, I didn't to the opening in the back with laced up ribbon, I don't have good luck with ribbon and I don't have the legs for the long beautiful socks. lol They are a little loose so I will need to see if I can shrink them a little without felting them. Great pattern Thanks. Now do I have this baby before the next pattern comes out or after. lol I am ready now!

Monday, 8 February 2010

My Victorian Valentine Stockings

And here it is:

This is probably the prettiest sock I've every made. I'm not usually the type of knitter to show my latest project to complete strangers, but, I must confess, a lot of people in Florida saw this sock before it showed up here!

I had every intention of having the pattern all ready to go before my husband and I left for Florida for his fifth, and hopefully final, back surgery. However, I discovered about a million errors in the pattern when I started the second sock. I was still fixing errors last night!! So, if you find something wrong, don't hesitate to let me know! It has to be the result of all the extra events that were going on last month. It's a shock to me that I was even able to get them done, let alone create the pattern for them. So if I can make them with all the stuff I had going on they must make up pretty fast!

The heart design is simple and easy to memorize. The stocking is knit toe up with a short row heel (an inserted heel works great also for all of you who enjoyed that new heel method!). The lace edging at the top is knit in short 8 row repeats and then sewn on last leaving a "hole" so that your leg fits into the sock.

I used Yarn Addict Anni's fingering (sock) weight yarn called Bambino. It is a gorgeous merino/bamboo blend yarn with just a hint of glossy shine. ***(Her web site is accessable from the side bar.)*** Go and check out all of the luscious yarns she has available!!! The double sided satin ribbon is the 5/8 inch width size.

So, the pattern will be at the Google group site in just a few minutes. Since February is a little short and this stocking is a little long I will extend the deadline to post your completed stocking to March 5th. However, March's sock pattern will still be posted March 1st and the deadline for it will be the end of the month.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! and Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


I have them finished now.  They are on my feet as I write.  I went down a needle size and knitted them on 2's because my feet are little.  the last pair that I knit fit me, but they're a tad loose and I like my socks, especially my warm ones, to be snug.  I was knitting these during lunch, and the teachers that I work with were checking the sock status every day.  Thank you, Tama, for a beautiful pattern for my first pair of Sockamania socks, and my third pair of socks in all.

Friday, 5 February 2010


complete ~~

and lookie! toes for february!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

so close!

will finish them today messed up cuff chart on first one :P

and start february's right away.....they're too cute :)

Monday, 1 February 2010

January 2010 Prize Draw Winner

You are the winner of the January Prize Draw.
As the winner of the prize draw you may choose your prize from either Tama's Etsy Shop: The Twisted Hare or Anni's On-Line shop: Yarn Addict & Anni Design. Information for both shops is located in the sidebar.
Once you have made your choice, let either Anni or Tama know that you have chosen your prize from their shop. Make sure you include your shipping address.

Snowy Winter's Eve socks

Hi all,
I don't have a picture yet, as I am not yet finished my second sock. I only joined the club last week, and I thought I'd attempt the January pattern, knowing that I wouldn't get it in by the end of the month. This was my first attempt at colorwork, and I had a little trouble getting the tension right at first. But the first sock came out fine, albeit slightly tight just under the cuff, and I was able to adjust the tension for the second sock. All in all, a success so far, and I learned something new. I can't wait to show you my picture, and to get started on my Feb. socks.