Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Just in time!

I finally finished my Serpentine socks from the July pattern. Just in time to start the new pattern! I knit the socks out of 2 colors of Louet Gems Fingering. The darker color is some that I hand-dyed with one of the Louet Kits and the ligther pink is Pink Panther along with a reinforcing thread.

I have to admit that I am not super pleased with how the sock came out. Nothing to do with the pattern though. I knit them toe up and I think I started the pattern too early past the toe and I can feel one of the cables on my little toe. Also the second sock is not as well executed as the first one. I intended these socks for my mom but I feel bad giving them to her. Maybe I'll see if she likes them anyways and promise her another pair for later!

Serpentine socks

Serpentine socks

Now I have to figure out which yarns I can use for the fair isle socks!

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Anni said...

I tink they look beautiful. Love the colours. If you don't know who to give them to you, you can send them to me. I've just ordered some Louet Gems. Have heard lots about it. Is it lovey to knit with?