Saturday, 29 September 2007

Well done!

A big well done to everyone who's had a go at this mont's pattern. I was worried about doing a fair isle pattern as I know a lot of people are a bit 'scared' of fair isle. And it's been great to see people having a go at fair isle for the first time. And seeing the range of colours and yarns etc this month has been fantastic. I never realised there could be so many options with this sock pattern. I love it when people put their own spin on it. And swapping the 2nd colour stitches for purl stitches like Yosemite did is a great idea too and gives the socks a completely differnet look.

October's pattern is ready to go (2 days early, that's not bad for me). But I'm not e-mailing it until Monday.

I'm busy adding new members and Sockamania PLUS members to the Blog. All new members should have received their Blogger invites by tomorrow evening I hope. I'm trying to get around to sendign all new members a welcome e-mail too but htat may not be until Monday morning as we've got a busy day tomorrow so time on the laptop will be short.

All Sockamania PLUS parcels went in the post today, so get ready to stalk your postie next week.

And now, some fantastic news. The fabolours Lime & Violet Daily Chum is going to be featuring my Etsy shop in a couple of days so look out for their review. There's a big sale going on in my Etsy shop btw with lace, sock and worsted yarns. And there are more merino yarns to be added soon.

If you haven't finished your September socks yet then get them posted by Monday am UK time and you'll get included in the draw which I'll try to get done on Monday evening.

Happy knitting everyone!!

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Deb W said...

Anni -
From reading the blog it looks like your life is filled to the brim. I am hoping my email request to be added to Sockamania in October did not get gobbled up by the internet gremlin. The sock pattern that everyone is posting is so beautiful that I'm drooling into my keyboard and green with envy that I'm not working it too. I would welcome the challenge to complete the pattern before the end of the month if you grant me entrance. It sounds like I'm begging . . . I am!