Thursday, 6 September 2007

September socks - done!

(socks are both dry now and the same size)

Now it's official - I dislike knitting Fair Isle even more than cable pattern! I'm no good at it. See the left sock? It's the second one. It's a bit larger for two reasons. First, it's still wet (I blocked the first one right away, so it's dry already) and second I knit the leg part way looser then the first sock. Even though I don't especially like this technique, I think the socks look awesome. They were made for my daughters boyfriend. He is tall and has huge feet. I hope they will fit.
I usually don't knit with 2.75mm needles with 4-ply sock yarn, it's way to loose for my taste, but I needed this size for the leg part. Why I didn't change needles for the foot part, I'll never know. I usually do, but this time I just knit on. I guess because I was in a hurry to finish them, since I have to mail them by tomorrow.
I made the cuff 20 rows and used the German heel, but other than that, I did like the pattern asked for, even three repeats of the fair isle pattern!
I'm glad they are done, on to the next pair. Thanks, Anni!
I forgot to mention the yarn I've used: It's Fortissima Socka, 75% wool 25% polyamid.


g-girl said...

love the color combination! I can't believe you're done with them already...will there be a second pair anytime soon??

psalm127 said...

WOW I don't even have my yarn yet. DD1 wants me to tell you that she loves the color and the socks look great.

Put a Sock in it said...

That's some speedy knitting! I love the contrast in colours; really makes the OXOs stand out. Well done!

Anni said...

Wow, well done for finishing them so quickly especially if you don't like fair isle. They're fantastic looking socks and the colours re perfect. I hope your daughter's boyfriend likes them too.

LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

wow they are fantastic...I can't believe you have finished those so quick!
The colours are fab :D

Esoteric Knitter said...

WOW! Fantastic work!