Sunday, 30 September 2007

I tried, but just couldn't quite make the deadline. I just needed one more evening in front of the TV and they would have been done in time. I will be finishing them tonight. My daughter is excited about having "Halloween" socks! I love the idea of doing purls instead of a yarn color. I am looking forward to October's pattern. Sylvia in Ephraim, UT

Pant, Pant, Gasp, Gasp, finally done!

I loved doing these socks, and am now searching for a new fair isle project! I can't for the life of me find those dratted ball bands. Will post when I finally do, though. Thanks for a really fun knit, Anni! Can't wait to see the pattern for October :)

Great creativity

To Anne Marie and Positive Negative Socks:
So creative and clever. I love them both! All of the others are very creative, too. I'm really looking forward to this KAL. I'm a new member today. As soon as I get the last STR club kit I will be taking a break from 2 yrs with the club so I can participate in KALs like these. I really loved the STR club and learned an incredible amount. Now I'm going to apply it to other socks. Also now modifying the Jaywalker Toe-up pattern on Natalia Knits blog to fit my small foot and a gauge of 6 sts/inch. So far so good. I'll also finally be investing in a nice digital camera soon so I can start posting pictures of my projects.
Thanks so much for the inspiration with your completed projects.

sunny knit

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Sorry, I was having a problem uploading my picture. Please bear with me since this is my first attempt. Hopefully, my picture will show up! I used Sky Pallette for the sock and Lion Brand Sea Blue Magic stripes for the chart detail and the toe.

Finally Finished!!!

It took me long enough, but I perservered and finally finished the September socks! This was my first try at fair isle, and it wasn't too bad, although it really took me alot of time. The light blue is Knitpicks Pallette Sky, and the variegated is Lion Brand Sea Blue Magic Stripes. I am looking forward to October's pattern. This is my first KAL and it is certainly alot of fun.

Positive Negative Socks

I finished my socks! I decided to be different and knit them reversing the use of the colors. The dark shaded purple is an old Opal color. The multi, Regia bright jelly bean colors. Doing the socks this way was fun. Hopefully the picture will show the colors.


Well done!

A big well done to everyone who's had a go at this mont's pattern. I was worried about doing a fair isle pattern as I know a lot of people are a bit 'scared' of fair isle. And it's been great to see people having a go at fair isle for the first time. And seeing the range of colours and yarns etc this month has been fantastic. I never realised there could be so many options with this sock pattern. I love it when people put their own spin on it. And swapping the 2nd colour stitches for purl stitches like Yosemite did is a great idea too and gives the socks a completely differnet look.

October's pattern is ready to go (2 days early, that's not bad for me). But I'm not e-mailing it until Monday.

I'm busy adding new members and Sockamania PLUS members to the Blog. All new members should have received their Blogger invites by tomorrow evening I hope. I'm trying to get around to sendign all new members a welcome e-mail too but htat may not be until Monday morning as we've got a busy day tomorrow so time on the laptop will be short.

All Sockamania PLUS parcels went in the post today, so get ready to stalk your postie next week.

And now, some fantastic news. The fabolours Lime & Violet Daily Chum is going to be featuring my Etsy shop in a couple of days so look out for their review. There's a big sale going on in my Etsy shop btw with lace, sock and worsted yarns. And there are more merino yarns to be added soon.

If you haven't finished your September socks yet then get them posted by Monday am UK time and you'll get included in the draw which I'll try to get done on Monday evening.

Happy knitting everyone!!

Stick a fork in it, I"M DONE!

I think I'm squeaking under the wire here, but I FINALLY finished a sockamania sock.

I used Lorna's laces for the blue and Nerd knits yarn for the orange. And yes, I have learned never to use two variegated yarns when you actually want to see the pattern. One variegated and one solid is soooo much more visually and learn! At least they are DONE!!!!!!!! OK, I think I'm ready for Oct......


september's over ~ i've started but won't finish :(

i am definitely "challenged" when it comes to color changes. the tip i found about knitting the sock inside out so the floats aren't so tight has helped tremendously :)

all the finished socks are so pretty ~ i'll keep plugging away!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Black Town and Country and stripy Regia silk to make black socks for dd, with "no pattern to show under her school shoes". Used 2.75 for the colourwork and 2mm for the rest, because I know how tightly I knit two colours. Really enjoyed the x and o's, but only had a scrap of yarn to do it with.

'Noughts n Crosses'--done

Here are my finished socks for September. I really like the way the varigated yarn came out. I was a little worried that the yellow would be to bright, but it actually looks really good. The varigated yarn is my own hand dyed and the brown is "Gloss"--merino and silk--from KnitPicks. I really like the pattern and have an order from my daughter for a "Valentine" pair in pinks, reds, and whites.

Can't wait to see what is next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy knitting!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Toasty toes

I am so glad I've finished these as the weather around here was awful last night. You wouldn't think it from the sun beaming across my garden and the vivid blue sky overhead whilst taking this photo, but honestly, my socks will be a welcome addition to the Autumn wardrobe. Cold mornings have hit with a vengeance but at least I can remind myself of warm sunsets with some stunning sock yarn along with the contrast from

Thanks Anni for another delightful pattern.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

My Version Is Complete

My version of the Noughts and Crosses socks is now complete. I am very very pleased with the turnout. The fit is great. I can see the design even without the colour change and they fit like a dream. Yarn used Sock It To Me Collection Essential 4 Ply in pink. 2 x 50 gram balls used and 2mm Knit Picks Options needles.

Friday, 21 September 2007


Image Hosted by

Hurrah!! I've finally finished my first fairisle project and actually in the month I started in lol.

Launching Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club

I've decided to launch sock club. It will be called 'Sockamania Plus Merino Sock Club' and will not affect Sockmania which will run as normal. All Sockamania Plus members will be invited to join the Sockamania blog and will be included in the monthly draw as well.

Here's how the Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club will work. Check out my Etsy shop to join. I'm starting off with 20 memberships for the first month but I anticipate it will increase from November. I jsut want to start with an easily manageable number. I've listed 10 UK memberships and 10 International memberships but will jig those numbers around if needed.

Please note that this does not affect the regular Sockamania club which will continue as normal.

Join our Sockamania Plus Merino Sock Club and receive a sock pattern (the same pattern used for the Sockamania Club and a hand painted skein of merino especially painted in colours to suit the month's pattern (this will mean that some months will be variegated, some selfstriping, some solid/semisolid).

Most months you will receive a 100gr skein, but if the monthly pattern requires a larger amount then you will get the extra free.You will never get less than 100gr though.The parcels will be posted by 25th of each month for non-UK members and 28th of each month for UK members. Although for October the parcels will be posted a little late. I'll get them all in the post by 30th September.

Your first parcel will include a sock pattern, a handmade fabrick project bag and merino sock yarn. You will also receive a 20% off voucher which you can use to make one purchase from my Etsy shop (any products, any size order but the voucher can only be used once).Second and third parcels will contain a sock pattern and merino sock yarn.

This club will run for 3 months. After that there will be an option for you to rejoin at a cheaper price if you rejoin immediately.

Merino Sock Yarn - 4ply/fingering weight
Approximately 8st = 1in on 2.75mm/US2 needles.
100gr = 400m/440yds

The sock patterns will also be available for regular Sockamania members and it will also be for sale in my Etsy shop after the month has finished. But the yarn will be a Sockamania Plus exclusive and will never be repeated.

To join for October please sign up before 25th September.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Halfway There

This is my version of the Noughts & Crosses socks. I've only finished the first one, so far, but I should have the second one done by Sunday. I don't like doing colour knitting so I changed the pattern to making purl sts for the chart instead of another colour. I know the pattern isn't as visible this way but I still like the result and I am enjoying the knitting as opposed to tearing my hair out if I had used the two colours.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Done! These were fun to do. I was scared when Anni told us they were Fair Isle. I had already told myself a few months earlier that I wasn't quite up to do Fair Isle so I could ignore it. When Anni sent the pattern I said well my second month into this sock blog I couldn't not do it and I am glad I did them. I will make them again. These are made with Knit Picks Palette Teal and Autumn Heather. Thanks Anni.

Finish!!! I love fair isle...
Thanks Anni for this great pattern,
I have learn something new, once again.

My choice of yarn:Preface from Phildar (dark blue)
and KnitPicks Dancing.

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Sunday, 16 September 2007


Knitted in Sisu by Sandnesgarn, in black and grey, cuff and instep/foot knitted on 2.5mm needles, leg on 3mm . These are for my 14-yearold, and I added ribbing(2x2) to the instep, and also did a 3needle bindoff at the toe. Quick and easy knit- thanks, Anni!

a l l d o n e

noughts n crosses complete

Well, there you have it. Heavy merino, fun fur, and plenty liberties taken. I knit two repeats of the pattern as I had a finite yardage of the merino. As it happens, I finished with just about 2 yards to spare. Before trimming the fun fur, the pattern was impossible to see. (But the socks sure felt yummy...all that fur on the inside of the leg...oooo.) Both insides and outsides were trimmed.

I did use a different heel, and just knit the foot and toe in my usual way. I added the little blue stripe on the top of the toe for grins.

All in all, a cool experience. Left to my own devices, I'd never have gone for a fair isle pattern, and certainly not have used fun fur...but the challenge was posed...and I went for a right brained approach to the project.

Yarn1: Dove's Roost Handpainted Merino
Yarn2: Lion Brand Fun Fur in Indigo
Needles: 2.0mm (size 0) Susan Bates silvalume dpns

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Matching Odd Socks

Finally on the last leg (or foot lol)

Image Hosted by

Friday, 14 September 2007

Late, late, late

Well, I am still working on last months socks. Just seems like I don't have much time for anything lately! Not that being busy is a bad thing:) I love how everyone's socks are turning out though! Just beautiful!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Fuzzy Blue Hole

Insert Toes Here

One Noughts & Crosses is hereby complete. I'm using handpainted superwash merino and...da da da fur. This shot was taken prior to trimming. Please suspend judgement! HA!


Elle in NoFla

Socks Finished!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

One Down...

...and it fits :D yay!
Image Hosted by

One down and one to go

Halfway there anyway. When I took this photograph a couple of evenings ago, the sunset made the orange come alive. I'm playing with these whilst knitting another sock pattern, but there will be no second sock syndrome as I love them both. They're fun socks and will be perfect to brighten up those cold winter days.

Monday, 10 September 2007

The recovered Spirals!

Here they are!

Completed on my flight back from China on 18/19th August they disappeared sometime between finishing them and arriving at home on the 19th. I searched for them for days and Lufthansa finally said they had exhausted all the "turned in from cleaning the planes" inquiries. On Saturday they came back to me. For the full story go here.

The colour is Lake Berries from Down Home Yarns.

Now to jack up the energy level from the cleaning and reorganizing to start the Sept socks.


Fundraising for Diabetes Research

Just a quick not to draw your attention to hte wignet in the sidebar. My friend, Helen, has diabetes and has asked us to join her for a walk to raise money for Diabetes Research. Helen has type 1 diabetes so it's a cause very personal to her. Ther ewill be 3 familes in our team, 5 adults and 6 children aged between9 and 12. The walk is 4-5 miles and is taking place in Plymouth, UK, on Sunday this week.

Please consider sonsoring us through the link in the sidebar. All you need is a credit card. Any donations of any size will be greatly appreciated

Thank you very much for reading this and a huge thank you if you decide to sponsor us.


Sunday, 9 September 2007

hoping to start!

i haven't settled on yarn yet, i change my mind every time ~ the sock pictures and yarn choices are so great! have never done fair isle - this will be a challenge for me. off to decide & just go with it :)

Saturday, 8 September 2007

spirals done!

I finished my spirals a few days ago and finally got around to taking pictures yesterday.

Here they are! I loved this knit, nice and easy with a great looking sock.

I used Spunky Eclectic's Neopolitan.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Still looking for yarn for September sock

This is my first time to participate in the Sockmania KAL, and I'm really excited. Unfortunately, my yarn stash is not cooperating with anything to knit this beautiful pattern out of. All of the choices out there so far are very inspiring! I hope to find something this weekend and get my hands on it next week to get started. Stay tuned!

Loving September

It's the first time I've actually managed to do the right pattern in the right month...

and I'm loving these!!!

A combination of Hipknits (Pink) and Middle Earth (green / blue) BFL

August socks is finally done

I loved the pattern, very fast and easy, but I didn`t have them finished in time anyway. I`m a little disapointed of the yarn. To skeins but they turned out different, they began with the same colors of the stripes, then they turned out completely different. But they fit perfect and I`m sure I`m going to use the pattern again. Now I can`t wait to cast on for the September socks.
Just received invitation and pattern. Looking forward to participating in the KAL.
Just received invitation and pattern. Looking forward to participating in the KAL.

Catching Up!

I'm getting closer to finishing on time. :-) I finished the August socks Tuesday night, so only 4 days late this month. Unfortunately, I also left my camera in my cousin's car last week, and am waiting for her to mail it to I can't share my photos yet. ;-) Maybe next week! But I love the way they turned out, and was really pleased with the speed and ease of this pattern. Many thanks, Anni!

I think I'm probably going to sit September out. Back-to-school time is crazy for me as a teacher, and I know I wouldn't come anywhere close to finishing. I do want to try fair isle socks soon (I just did a fair isle swatch to learn steeking, to I'm confident I can do socks!), but not sure if I'll try this pattern first or another one.

Good luck to all the September knitters. Can't wait to see what you make!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Waiting for yarn

Wow you all are doing a great job... I love the socks. The sock yarn I have are all too busy for this pattern I think, so I rushed ordered some yarn before we went down to Disneyland Tuesday, we had a blast and just got back a few hours ago. We are quickly unpacking, doing laundry and repacking to leave Saturday for a weeks vacation. I am hoping my yarn comes tomorrow so I can take it with us. I have never done a pattern like this before and am a little nervouse about it. But hey it is only yarn and needles so what do I have to loose. When we get back I hope to have something to show you all.

I've started...

...albeit again. This was too tight but I wanted to show my progress and that I can do it :D. This is my first go at fairisle, so not too bad.
I'm using sirdar town and country in chocolate whirl and a little bit of left over red (opal uni I think)

September socks - done!

(socks are both dry now and the same size)

Now it's official - I dislike knitting Fair Isle even more than cable pattern! I'm no good at it. See the left sock? It's the second one. It's a bit larger for two reasons. First, it's still wet (I blocked the first one right away, so it's dry already) and second I knit the leg part way looser then the first sock. Even though I don't especially like this technique, I think the socks look awesome. They were made for my daughters boyfriend. He is tall and has huge feet. I hope they will fit.
I usually don't knit with 2.75mm needles with 4-ply sock yarn, it's way to loose for my taste, but I needed this size for the leg part. Why I didn't change needles for the foot part, I'll never know. I usually do, but this time I just knit on. I guess because I was in a hurry to finish them, since I have to mail them by tomorrow.
I made the cuff 20 rows and used the German heel, but other than that, I did like the pattern asked for, even three repeats of the fair isle pattern!
I'm glad they are done, on to the next pair. Thanks, Anni!
I forgot to mention the yarn I've used: It's Fortissima Socka, 75% wool 25% polyamid.

It's a start !!!

Edited for Judy: Under the sock, it's a "shoe bag" (I don't know how to say it in english). I made it last year, with fabric from a swatch catalog and made hand embroidery on top. Its not an old quilt, but it would have been a gorgeous one...but not enough fabric...sorry.
Here is a photo of the bag.

Here is the start of my "noughts n crosses"...
My first try at fair isle, so I did only 1 1/2 repeat.
It's fun !!
I like this technique.
Thanks for the pattern !!
It's a very good way to use the little ball of yarn
remaining after knitting socks.

My choice of yarn:
Preface from Phildar (dark blue) and KnitPicks Dancing.


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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Almost Half Done with the first Sock

I decided on using Panda Cotton to knit this month's pattern. My first attempt was too small, but the second is perfect! I am almost finished with the heel flap on the first sock. Even with the fair isle, these socks are knitting up very quickly for me.

Can't wait to get started!!

I just got the pattern yesterday and I am so excited to get started. I dyed this yarn yesterday expecially for this pattern. I used the beautiful sunflowers and rabbit brush that are all in full bloom in the desert right now as inspiration for the colors. I plan to use a darker brown for the detail.
Yeah for knitting!!!! I just love socks!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Just in time!

I finally finished my Serpentine socks from the July pattern. Just in time to start the new pattern! I knit the socks out of 2 colors of Louet Gems Fingering. The darker color is some that I hand-dyed with one of the Louet Kits and the ligther pink is Pink Panther along with a reinforcing thread.

I have to admit that I am not super pleased with how the sock came out. Nothing to do with the pattern though. I knit them toe up and I think I started the pattern too early past the toe and I can feel one of the cables on my little toe. Also the second sock is not as well executed as the first one. I intended these socks for my mom but I feel bad giving them to her. Maybe I'll see if she likes them anyways and promise her another pair for later!

Serpentine socks

Serpentine socks

Now I have to figure out which yarns I can use for the fair isle socks!

Noughts n Crosses

I met Anni on Saturday at Fibrefest 2007 and whilst we were chatting alongside stand, this mouthwatering orange sock yarn was screeching at me to jump into my bag and come live at my house. It's Chrissy's BFL and alpaca sock yarn so goes beautifully with the contrast yarn being sold next door which was from UK Alpaca. When I checked the label, it says it's spun at which was working and open to the public for viewing over the Fibrefest weekend. I wish I could describe the soft squishy feeling these socks have, they are going to be so comfy and warm. I cast on last night as soon as I'd downloaded the pattern and yes, I'm thoroughly enjoying my noughts 'n crosses. I thought it rather appropriate that I use the yarn I'd seen whilst with Anni and Chrissy. They'll always be a reminder of a lovely day out.

Finally all caught up!

Well - I finished them! These socks fit and feel great - I like the pattern especially now that it is done but it was a pain at times. I am happy with my first real attempt at a pattern, toe-up sock!
Now that I am completely caught up with the club socks I can check the stash and start the September pattern!


I can't open the pattern. I download and sav it, but when I try to open it I get a message that it is broken and can't be fixed.

I asked Anni to e-mail med the pattern again, but the file is still damaged. Anyone who knows what's wrong?

Monday, 3 September 2007

September pattern

Hi, when I sent out the September pattern earlier today, I think I missed two of the mailing groups but I can't tell which one. I've just resent it to one group as someone in that group didn't get it. But that still may leave one group missing. Keep e-mailing me if you haven't got it as it'll help me identify which other group is missing. I'm oging to bed soon though so may be tomorrow morning before I get back to you. Had a really bad night last night and have just slept in chair in lounge for 2 hours so going to do my online grocery shopping and then have an early night.

Have fun knitting!


I didn`t make it

I have had so little knitting time this month, and i haven`t finished my spiralling socks yet. But I´m working on them and hope that they`ll be done at the beginning of the week, so that I can cast on the september socks.