Monday, 1 September 2008

Flowers & Cables

I am hoping the end of the month deadline depends on your time zone, right? I still have 3+ hours. :) I finished the cables a couple days late. :( I seem to be running a little late on everything, I hope they are going in the mail this month for a little journey. They will soon tell a story of their travels on my blog.
My friends like the cables and now want autumn cable socks to match their clogs.
Now I'll show this months flower socks. These are going out to someone who gave me skeins of sock yarn for my sock blanket. She'll be pleasantly surprised.


1 comment:

Barb W. said...

Your socks are beautiful and your name has been added to the completed list.

For the future though, the end of the month is based on where this blog was created. To give a little bit of latitude for the different time zones. The list for the drawing is not finalized until the 1st day of the month at approximately 7 am eastern standard time (USA).