Thursday, 4 September 2008

New PLUS club memberships

I'm now offering one month club memberships for the Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club as well as 3 month options. The one month option is excellent if you fancy trying the club to see if you like it or if you're looking for a present for a knitter.

Both clubs are listed in my Etsy shop, click on the club page and you'll see details of the sock clubs and lace clubs. I'm going to be offering one month options for the Lace Variety Club too so if you fancy trying lace, give it a go.

I've had a bit of a dyeing break over the summer but dyeing starts again next week so look out for lotso f new yarns in the shop.

I'll do the August draw tomorrow.

1 comment:

Chelle said...

Can't wait for the one month lace to be added, I want to try a lace project but am such a coward ... LOL

Short patience span makes me unsure of long rows on shawls !!!