Sunday, 4 January 2009

January Patterns

Happy New Year to everyone. And well done to everyone who completed Decembers socks. I've had the list from Barb but I've not had time to do the draw yet. I'll try to get it done tomorrow morning, but it may be Tuesday. I'm going for an op on my mouth after lunch tomorrow and I've got to process several orders and write an article for Yarn Forward magazine before I go. We came back from our Christmas holiday in Norway (very, very cold but no snow) last night, later than expected due to flight delays. Then today unpacking 4 suitcases took it out of me and I fell asleep afterwards when I should have been catching up on computer stuff and finishing off my article. Despite my sleep this afternoon I'm exhausted again so just going to write this post and post the patterns to the Google group then haivng an early night.

This month I don't have a new pattern due to an insanely busy schedule in December. So I'm making January a catch up month. You can finish off any of the old Sockamania patterns that you've not managed to finish or even knit. List any Sockamania patterns finished in January (even if you only have the toe left to do) or knit a new pair of any Sockamania pattern and you'll qualify for the draw and you can enter as many pairs as you like.

For new members or those who may have mislaid any previous patterns I'll list a selection of old Sockamania patterns on the Google group. If there are any patterns you would particularly like to see listed on the Google group let me know.

I was good over Christmas and finsihed my 2nd Scroll sock and On the Run sock (the first one was done a year ago). So I now have a complete On the Run and Scroll pairs. Also knitted a pair of plain socks in the January Sockamania club yarn which look great. Pictures on my blog in the next day or two. And I knitted one sock and started the 2nd in a new cotton/tencel sock yarn which will start appearing in the shop next week.

If you wish to join Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club, pop over to my Etsy shop now to join. Prices came down just before Christmas due to the change in exchange rate so now's the time to join. Also havinga mega January sale in my shop. All yarns reduced.

Happy knitting,



Kerry said...

Hope you had a good holiday and all the delays were worth having those precious days with your family.

I'm glad of this opportunity to finish up some old ones because my Get Fruity ones have been neglected after almost finishing the first and I had planned to get them finished this month anyway.

sockaholic said...


My personal favorite was the New Year's Day socks. I've used the pattern twice and I hardly ever repeat a pattern.


Anni said...

Sockaholic, the New Years Day socks are now called On the run. They were one of the pairs I finished off in Norway. It's one of my favorite patterns too. So easy to remember.

sockaholic said...

Good to know. I plan on knitting it again.