Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ripples, Check!

Hi everyone! So did you know that if you knit a couple stitches every day that eeee-vveeen-ttttuuuu-aaaaly (i.e. more than a year!) you too will finish a pair of socks? I just finished them last night. They are still quite sopping wet in this picture.

I modified the pattern as they are for my mom and she wanted a plain foot. A million stockingette stitches later...finally done.

Thanks, Anni, for the pattern and the opportunity to post a finished pair WAAAAAY after the Ripples round was up.


chris said...

I have a pair that took me about that long. In the end, I really liked them, just not the making of them!

Your pair is great. Your mom's going to love them.


Birgitta said...

They look great, gratulations to you