Friday, 16 January 2009

Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club News

’m in a changing mood these days. Teh Lace Variety Club has been overhauled and now it’s the turn of the Sockamania PLUS.

Teh regular free Sockamania pattern only club will remain as it is … for now…. but the PLUS club with yarn is chainging.

You will still get teh monthly Sockamania pattern as before but the name of the club will change to Sock Variety Club and will feature a variety of sock yarns. Teh yarns I have in mind are Merino sock yarns, BFL sock yarns, Bambino (bamboo/merino) and Merino Tencel. These are the most likely contenders for the club and the yarns will vary from month to month like the Lace Variety Club.

There will be new prices too, which will be valid for memberships or renewals starting from February 2009. I’ve reviewed the exchange rates again and the current economic climate and decided to make some positive changes.

Also there will be a ‘Two Club’ option. A special discount if you join two of my clubs which will save you money. It saves you more if you join the lace and sock club but you can join two sock clubs too as I’m starting another sockclub too which will be announced on my blog sometime today.

I'll be listing the new clubs in my shop some time today.

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