Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Autumn Leaves for October

Today is the last day to post your finished socks for the two pattern, big finale finish for Anni. It's been really exciting to see everyone's socks! Good luck to everyone in the drawing.
Barb isn't going to be here tomorrow so I am posting the October pattern today! Check out the Google group later today to get your pattern and get started.

(Drum roll here please)
Without further adieu..................................Here is the October sock!
Three pictures to show off all the fun stuff going on in this sock. The heel and toe can be made as shown or you can simplify it by ending the leaf pattern when you start the heel and toe.
Happy Knitting!


mirella said...

Wow, that's a good start.
Let's find some bordeaux or green.
thanks Tama

marit said...

Second that!

psalm127 said...

Cool! at first I was just looking at the socks and the title but not registering that it was Octobers pattern. I was think "Now how can I find that pattern, I don't remember seeing it before" Duh now I will go down load it for next month. I am really looking forward to this!

Sylvia said...

Totally cool! I can't wait to get started!

not just a mom said...

What a wonderful pattern for fall. Now I have to dig for some yarn that will do it justice.

Sarah said...

What a wonderful design - my September socks aren't finished, my knitting plate is full but even if they can't be done in October I look forward to knitting them :)

Lynn said...

A fabulous pattern. I'm just finishing up my September socks and then I'll be hunting through my stash for some suitable yarn for these.

Anni said...

Love the socks Tama. Gorgeous. I may have to knit them myself. I've just finished the Colosseum socks for Simon and half way through the 2nd Footloose sock (for me). I need more socks for hte winter and now I don't have to design a sock pattern each month, perhaps i'll cast on for this one next. think it may be perfect for my new Fantasy Sock Yarn which I'm dyeing to knit with. Dyeing yarn tomorrow so may dye myself a special little skein. Well done Tama.

broadcasting from a knitting parlour said...

I've done some overdyeing...of some natural grey-brown fleece with goldenrod buds and some with coreopsis flowers. Results...sort of olivey green and russety brown. Maybe I'll card them together and have a real autumnal pair o sox.

Nice nice pattern!!!!