Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sock name winner

As I couldn't decide I let Simon choose the name of the 2nd September sock. After all I'm knitting them for him. Although I'm spinning some sock yarn for myself (or at least I hope it'll turn into sock yarn (see my blog) and I may knit these socks again.

Anyway, after careful consideration Simon has decide he would like the socks to be named Colosseum (did I spell that right? better check that before I add them to Ravelry). Which means the winner is Orghlaith. E-mail me with your details and I'll send you the October parcel of the Sock Variety Club next week (latest posting date is 17 September).

Thank you to everyone who entered.

Happy knitting,



mirella said...

Good choice of Simon, I also liked that name best and congratulations to the winner. Tonight I'm gonna pick some wool from my stash and start knitting the colloseum sock.
Groetjes, Mirella

Sockergirl said...

I agree, good choice. As I was knitting away on them hoping I would win, I realized Colosseum would be a good name for them. Great idea Orghlaith!