Friday, 11 September 2009

**Great Sockamania news**

Hi everone,

Great news! sockamania will continue. Tama has offered to take over the designing. The designs she's done so far are great. We've not worked out all hte other details yet but for the time being Sockamania will continue as normal. If there are any changes we'll keep you informed.

Look out for Tama's design for October.

And don't forget our big prize draw this month so hurry up and get knitting.

Happy knitting,



mirella said...

A big applause for Tama.
I'm pretty far on the Colloseum socks, but with 6 repeats of the pattern they become quite a bit longer than I usually knit. So that will be nice for the winterdays.
Groetjes Mirella

BeadKnitter said...

Hurray! Thank you, Tama, for taking this on. I, for one, greatly appreciate it.

psalm127 said...

Whoo hooo! I haven't even had a chance to cast on yet. We will be going out of state in about a week for a big family birthday. I don't know what I will bring with me or if I will have time. Oh well, I am excited that Sockamnia will not be ending.

not just a mom said...

Yeah Tama! Thank you for taking on this challenge. We promise to be supportive - we are already appreciative.

AmyPinSeattle said...

I am SOOOOO happy about this since I'm just now ironing out the details of joining!


Mieke said...

Thank you TAma, this is great news.

craftymummy said...

That's great news! I'm 3/4 way through on my first sockamania project. Glad to hear there will be more :-)

Truly Blessed said...

Anni, Thank you for all you have done in the way of Sockamania. Such lovely patterns have brought many happy knitting hours. I wish you continued success in your endeavors.
Tama, Thank you for stepping up to continue this adventure. I look foward to the future of Sockamania.

Sarah said...

Great news :)