Wednesday, 2 September 2009

September pattern

I promised 2 patterns for this month and there will be two patterns. I've uploaded one pattern just now but got a slight problem with the 2nd pattern. The pattern is all ready to go but yesterday I realised I'd forgotten to take photos and as it's man socks (well, actually it's unisex socks) I was going to get my husband to model for me but forgot. A my daughter has quite big feet too I may get her to model this afternoon or my husband this evening. So, I'm hoping to post hte pattern either later tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. But the other pattern, Hot Air Balloon socks has been posted. They are toe up with a pretty lace pattern. The main lace pattern running up the front reminded me of the balloon of hot air balloons, hence the name.

This is the last month of Sockamania and there will be a mega prize draw with the first prize being a 3 month membership to my Sock Variety Club and 2 runner up prizes. If you knit both pairs of socks this month you will be entered in teh draw twice, so get knitting.

Happy knitting,


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Mieke said...

Very pretty, I hope to make them! Thanks Anni for again a nice pattern.