Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Have to ask

The pattern for march socks has disappeared and instead I have an unreadable mess in the Sockamania Group. Lots of strange signs. Dated 8 March.
What has happened??
I want a new copy of the pattern as I wrote lots of notes(as I knitted) on my copy.


Sockamania Admin said...

Hi Eva, I managed to open and download the current March socks with out any problem.

If you mail me (Pixie) link in the sidebar we can see what is not working for you.

Sockamania Admin said...

Me again, I checked the version I downloaded and there was something up with the file name.. which may be why you were having problems.. I loaded a 3rd version.. you will see it with (3) at the end.. try that one.

The first one that you downloaded had a error in the pattern, which is why a second was loaded.


Eva said...

Thanks! It worked fine.

Sockamania Admin said...

Good :)