Sunday, 14 March 2010

Help needed please!

I've only just started these socks but I'm having a problem with the even numbered row after row 5. When I try and knit the "yarn over twice" I keep losing a stitch. What am I doing wrong?

Please help!


marit said...

You knit two stitches in the two yarnovers- the first one knit through front loop, the second around the back loop- or knit first, purl second- I hope I haven't confused you even more...Marit

not just a mom said...

Marit is correct. Although I ktbl for the first and k on the second.

Instead of the following row being a k stitch over the yo, when there are two in a row you have to do a ktbl for the first stitch on the yo, and then a regular k on the second yo. It's a bit fussy, but allows you to have the correct number of stitches. As you've discovered, you can't just do two k's on top of the two yo's.

mirella said...

When I get to the double yo I take the yarn to the front and purl 1 stitch then take the yarn to the back and knit one stitch.
Success, groetjes, Mirella

Christine said...

I knit the first one through the back loop, and the second through the front loop, also. If you are ever in a bind, do a google search. There are lots of short videos that really teach you how to do a particular stitch.

craftymummy said...

Thanks for all your help! I can carry on now :)

I found the "yarn over twice" on google and you tube, but couldn't find anywhere that told me what to do on the next row.


Tama said...

Glad you got the answers. Good luck.