Thursday, 28 January 2010

Eve's Snowy Winter Eve Socks!

No pun intended, but my little girl Eve got them. I just managed to get some pictures of them before she went to school this morning. I finished them last night and new socks just have to be worn inmediately ;-).
The were done in online 4-ply Dark blue and offwhite. 56 sts. This was the first and probably the last time that I have done colourwork. I really do not understand how people can like this! Don't get me wrong, I love the socks and the pattern and the way they turned out. I just hated knitting them. The 2 threads, ever searching for the right tension (especially since I knite very tight to start with), was nearly enough to drive me batty ;-). But I stuck to it and they are finished and my little girl has a new pair of socks.
Tama thanks for the pattern and the challenge!


marit said...

Lucky Eve! They look great!

Colourwork is really fun- but as with everything else in life...practise makes perfect...and tension is always difficult-LOL!

marit said...
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not just a mom said...

Lovely socks. I always hated colorwork, but now it is my favorite. For some reason, I seem to knit faster when I've got two colors going.

Tama said...

They turned out great! You did a great job. I am sorry that you hate color work. Have you tried holding one color in each hand? It make it much easier.