Thursday, 21 January 2010

Snowy Winter's Eve Modified

US1 Deborah Norville Serenity. I didn't have any sport weight yarn so I increased the number of stitches to knit in fingering weight. I've never knitted 2 colors at once, I really struggled and when I final tried it on, it was too tight so I ripped 2 times and decided I'm only going to do the scallop cuff and toe and snowflake heel. When I got to the heel I rip back so many times my yarn got frayed so I ripped back completely and decided to go with the CC heel and purled the snowflake pattern. I barely got them over my heel for the photo but they fit MIL fine so their hers.

I really like the scallop cuff and toes pattern, it really makes the contrasting look like it was part of the sock. I'm starting my 2nd pair now, it gives me a chance to practice knitting 2 strands of yarn without stressing me out. I really like how the scallop pattern make the contrasting color blending into the main color.

Thank you Tama, for the introduction to 2 color knitting. I hope to do better next time.


mirella said...

Like your colors a lot. Are you going to do the second pair in sportweight or also in 4-ply sock yarn. When I knit 2 colors in 4-ply sock yarn I cast on 72 stitches on 2.5 mm needles to get a good fit. When you get to to foot and knit one color you can go back to 64 stitches. Good luck, when you get 2color knitting it's lots of fun,
Groetjes, Mirella

Nui said...

Mirella, thank you for our helpful suggestion.