Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snowy Winters Eve Sock

Whew; finished in the nick of time. This is my first stranded project and I can actually get them on! I've heard that some people do stranded projects inside out to keep it neater so I may try that next time. The color is a little more muted than the picture shows but they're both really nice shades that go together well. Not too wintery though, maybe more fall.

Having a deadline is forcing me to knit faster, which is a good thing. I tend to be really pokey about getting my projects done
yarn: Cascade Yarns Boullicine Dolly (not sure if this is classified as an actual sock yarn but it got the gauge and better colors for the project than the regular sock yarn at my lys)
needle: size three

Overall, fun pattern to do and easier than it looks


Sandy and Steve said...

Very pretty. They look like spring snow to me.

not just a mom said...

Everyone needs cheery socks in the winter. I like the color.

Tama said...

Very nice job!