Friday, 8 January 2010

My snowy winter's eve socks

I finished my snowflake sock. I only did the snowflake on the heel with 2 different colors otherwise they would be to narrow again and won't fit me. I wanted some socks for me, myself and I. So the little snowflakes on the legg I made by slipped stitches.

Unfortunatly I had a short of yarn with the second sock so I made the little snowflakes wich were situated at the ankle near the toe on a lightblue stripe. I mesh the 3 flakes because I didn't want them on the bottom of my foot. Now it's only on one sock, maybe I also change the first

Thanks for the nice pattern Tama.

12-01-2010: Finally had good daylight so I took some new photo's. That's more like the real colors.


Sandy and Steve said...

I think the snowflakes on the toe look cute. Haven't started mine yet because I'm waiting for yarn to arrive, but I may steal your idea.

Tama said...

They look great. I like the snowflakes on the toe also!