Sunday, 10 January 2010

"House Cleaning" Reminder

We have decided to do a little "house cleaning" here at Sockamania so that we can open the membership back up for those who are putting in requests.This means that on January 11, 2010 we will be re-issuing memberships to all of you who have been active members--meaning posted a finished pair of socks in the past six months. When you get your invitation you will need to answer it ASAP or you won't be able to post your finished January socks. If you don't receive an invitation and have been active PLEASE notify one of us January 12th.

Anyone who has not been active will be deleted from the membership list in order to make room for those who would like to join. If you have not been active and would like to continue your membership you will need to click on the link for it, after January 11th, in the side bar and follow the instructions there. However, you will have to post a completed sock within 30 days of renewal in order to show that you are truly interested in being a member and then post no less than one sock per six month period in order to stay active. ANYONE not posting at least one sock in six months will have their membership dropped.

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