Monday, 4 January 2010

I'm not just slow, I'm really slow

I know, even for cathing up I am terribly late, but I finally finished my Celtic Cable Heel socks for my daughter Eve (3 years old). I had to change the amount of stitches a bit, but that was not to difficult. My knitting is so very tight that I need to cast on 52 or 56 st for her socks anyway (depending on the patern). It's not that she has got big feet, my knitting is just very tight ;-). So she has got a new pair of socks. And she is hapy now!

And Dylan (my son, 5 years old) is a bit happy aswell. This is the first of his Outdoorsman Socks. The yarn was dyed by a friend who was not to pleased with the results, but my kids loved it. So we made a swap and I am now making the first pair of socks out of this yarn for Dylan. I love the way the paterns looks on the leg and heel.

Thank you Tama and Anni for these wonderful paterns!

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Lynn said...

I love the yarn you've used for the outdoorsman. Very nice :)