Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Club Button

Was just thinking we need a cool Sockamania Club Blog button. Any button brains out there who want to have a go at designing one (or two or more). I've no idea how to create buttons. Need to learn though as I'd like one for my main blog, Stash Addicts Blog and website too.


Holly Burnham said...

I have always wanted a button. They can't be that hard. I do think you need a program like Photshop....but, maybe not.

I'm happy to be here!!!!

Anni said...

I'm sure there must be ways on the internet to do them. I must learn to do it one day. Maybe that should be my next challenge. A year ago I was just working on setting up my own website and had never done anything like that before. Then I discovered blogging. I've learnt so much int he last year it's unbelievable.