Thursday, 12 April 2007

Decisions, decisions

I finished the foot on the May sock last night. And I'm happy with the pattern and construction etc (it's a toe up but I'm doing cuff down version of the same sock too). But I'm not happy iwth my knitting. So I'm starting again. I did the first foot in Yarn Yard March Clubyarn solid (N dyed some extra for me) and I love it but I've done several socks in YY lately and fancy a change. Got naother YY socks otn too at the moment. So how do I decide.

Here's my choice: Posh Saskia, Posh Emily and YY March club yarn solid (on the right). I wish I could knit all three simulataneously. Think it will be Emily as I havne't knitted anythign in Emily before and I've been wanting to try it for ages. The Emily yarn came today btw. Was going to knit somethign for my Emily in it but it's so gorgeous it's going to be for me. Feels too luxurious for socks but my feet deserve some pampering too.

I was thinking about this Silkwood sock yarn as a prize for May but then Chrissy pm'd me and offered to donate a prize. Check out her website. Her yarn is gorgeous - stunning colours. I've got another little suprise for the May prize too but I'm not revealing that.... yet.

And a big welcome to the latest members to join us. I've gone over 25 now but can't say no to people. The more the merrier (I hope).

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Put a Sock in it said...

I love all three yarns, Anni! Then again, I love all sock yarn! LOL.

I'll be knitting from my (not very large) stash, so I'm keeping fingers crossed that I have something appropriate for the pattern.

How kind of Chrissy to donate a prize. Her yarns are beautiful.