Monday, 16 April 2007


Look what arrived in my inbox this morning:

Re: sockamania club

To whom this may concern,

I would like to lodge a complaint on the unfairness of this club these are my reasons.
1. Due to me not having a blogger acount i can't join.
2. You say i can't join because i can't knit socks

These are my reasons why i should join
1. I live in the same house as you so that means i shouldn't need a blogger acount
2. I would like to improve my knitting
3. I like free stuff

I hope you are well and reply soon,
Yours scincerly
Miss V

A complaint from my daughter, Vanessa. So do I let her become and honorary member and teach her to knit socks? She's got initiative and her reasons are good. And they have obviously taught her something at school or does she get her complaint writing talent from her Mum (does who know me in real life think I'm prettty good at complaining and a bit stroppy, okay, a lot stroppy.)

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Gorgeous weather here in Cornwall. I was supposed to be sock knitting but finished a shawl instead. Pics on my blog soon. But I'm back on the socks now.


inukshuk71 said...

That's too funny. I think Miss V. has proved her desire to join and that she is determined enough to learn to knit socks successfully. Although I would hide my sock yarn stash if I were you, before she lodges a complaint that she has a right to it as she shares living space with it.

marit said...

It would be so cool if she could join:-)And I bet she will be quite determined to learn, too!

Put a Sock in it said...

Love it!

How can you pass up an opportunity to spread the sock-knitting love? :)

terri said...

yeah, let her join as an honorary member!!!:-)
I wouldn't be so keen to share my stash though:-O

Mia said...

I also vote to make her an honorary member. But she has to follow the same rules. Although she does have you in house to help out with any problems.

Jackie said...

I vote "YES" let Miss V. in the group. I like her style, and the more beginners the better, we can encourage each other to keep going when it gets tough. Way to speak up Miss V.

Anonymous said...

What a clever girl! Let her in for sure. My 21 year old daughter decided she wanted to learn to knit and I was soooo excited. We sat down for a lesson and 5 minutes later she gave up! I envy you your daughter wanting to knit socks :)

gilraen said...

I think anyone who shows that much initiative deserves a special place in our club. She has my vote :)