Sunday, 22 April 2007

Pattern Decision made

Hi all and a huge welcome to all the new members who've posted since my last post and to those of you who haven't posted yet.

After agonising over the pattern for the May socks I've finally made my decision. I had decided on a design but the yarn Chrissy donated to be used for the socks didn't go well with the pattern, so I had to rethink. I've been swatching like mad for the last few days but nothing grabbed me. But this morning I had a break through. I was doing some knitting just after I had my breakfast and it just clicked. The design I've chosen works great with variegated or self striping yarn and looks great with a busier yarn too. I've done two pattern repeats now. This is the yarn I chose - it's the Easter Parade colourway from Bright Dyes. The other two skeins that Chrissy donated are the prize yarns for May. Yes, there will be two prizes for May.

To help you all get ready for May 1st the needles you'll need are US size 2 or 2.5/2.75mm. I'm using my 'Boyes' dpns which are American size 2 and US size 2 translates to 2.75mm, but 2.75mm aren't that easy to get hold over here in the UK so if you've got some 2.5mm they'll do just fine. I wish the whole world would use the same needle classification system - would make things a whole lot easier.

I may give you all a tiny sneak preview in a few days. ......... or maybe not.

And, I've decided to let Miss V (aka my daughter, Ness) join us. She's not had a go at socks yet and I told her she had to learn - she didn't seem to keen but I'll work on her. She's an honorary member and I may even let her post on her. LOL. She said she only wanted to join to get the free patterns as she likes freebies - what's she like?!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and getting lots of knitting done. We've had glorious weather and I slept on the beach yesterday afternoon and in the garden this afternoon - had planned to knit this afternoon but slept for 2 hours instead. LOL.

Back to my socks now.

Happy Knitting!


terri said...

I'm so excited to see the pattern!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Oh, thank you ahead of time for designing something that will work for hand painted yarns.
I have all these skeins with lovely colors that really want to be knitted.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting really excited about this! Can't wait to see the pattern; I also have a lot of handpainted yarn that wants to be knit up.

YaY for letting Miss V join. She'll have fun and it'll be fun to see how she does with the socks. Another addict in the making :)

I'm very jealous of your 2 naps in the sun. The weather this weekend has been great here too, but no naps for me :-(

Kelly said...

wooo hoo! The needles are waiting, now I just need to get a project or two finished so I can devote all knitting time to the socks :)

Put a Sock in it said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the pattern. :) Thanks for all your hard work, Anni.

The sizing of needles (and crochet hooks) drives me nuts. Some US manufacturers state their size 2 is 2.75mm, others 3mm. I often see hooks and needles over here that show only the US size. Grr....
I always stick with mm measurements, and use a sizer to double-check. 0.25mm can make a big difference to tension when knitting at these gauges.

5elementknitr said...

I'm very excited! I have some new sock yarn for it and everything!

Christina said...

Can't wait!!! Although I am a bit scared I won't be up to the pattern ;)

Kathryn said...

Thanks for letting us know what we need. I'm hoping to finish my current pair of socks at the weekend, and then I'll be raring to go!

Jacqueline said...

Dear anni, just checked in and saw that things are getting underway. I am so excited to get started, hoping I can get the hang of it. I too am jealous of your nap on the beach. It is suppose to be 70-80 degrees this weekend but the only water to lay next to, would be the blow up pool. lol.