Saturday, 14 April 2007

Look at this

Look at these goodies which my postie delivered this morning and I had a job trying to explain to Simon that 'no I hadn't bought any more yarn'. These 3 skeins are from Bright Dyes. Chrissy has kindly donated 2 skeins as prize yarn and one skein for me to knit up the May socks. Aren't I lucky? But how do I choose which one to knit with. They're all so gorgeous. Due to Chrissy's generous donation I'm thinking of offering two separate prizes for May so we'll have two winners instead of one.
Child's Play:
Easter Parade:

Okay, I'm off to carry on drooling over this gorgeous yarn now. I'm hoping to get some knitting done today. I wasn't very well at all yesterday and went to bed at 8.30pm feeling realy ,really sick, leaving Simon to supervise Vanessa's sleepover party. Poor man had to supervise 7 12 year old girls. He stayed down stairs till about 11pm and then came to bed and left them to it in the lounge. They weren't too noisy and a couple of them even got some sleep. Vanessa didn't sleep at all though and is not very well at all today. I'm feeling better but not 100% so having a realaxing afternoon.

Hope you all have a happy, knitterly weekend.


ndjen04 said...

What gorgeous colors :-) Perfect for spring and summer

Hope you feel better, Anni

Holly said...

oooh! I love them all. But I just looked at my .xls spreadsheet of everything socks, and I really can not justify buying more right now...

Speaking of parties, I survived the 14 year olds on Thursday. Instead of a dozen mixed crowd, it became remarkably fewer once the word got out that there was no alcohol. I have not a clue what the other parents are thinking, but I personally consider 14 way too young to be drinking.

The five young ladies who stayed over night, eating pizza and popcorn till late hours were a pleasure.

I am going to be completely grey by the time this fourth child is out of the house.


inukshuk71 said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous! Now that we've seen the booty, we'll all be knitting feverishly in May ;-)

Anni said...

Thought the yarn might tempt a few to get knitting.

Holly, I cna't believe either if anyone thought there'd be alcohol at a party for 14 year olds although some probably do drink at that age, but surely not with their parents' consent.

Holly Burnham said...

Child's Play is need to use that for your socks!

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