Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Tuesday am update

I think I'm up to date with all the invites now. If you've e-mailed me before 8am UK time then I've sent you an invite. 17 members at the moment so a few spaces left. If you've e-mailed me and don't get your Blogger invite today then please e-mail me again.

If you don't already have a Blogger account you'll need to set one up. It's really easy and free and it means that you can post comments on other Blogger blogs as well contribute to this blog.

And I've changed the name. I've taken Yarn Addict out of the name and added club, as I'm hoping it'll me a sort of 'club feeling' to the kal.

I started working on the sock pattern for May last night. I've got one pattern that I've submitted to a magazine for consideration but not heard back yet and I was thinking of using that one as I really like it but as I've had no decision from the mag yet I better not use it yet. I had one or two ideas floating around so started swatching last night. I did think of using Regia Bamboo as it's a new addition to my stash but it didn't work with the pattern at all and I'm not sure I like knitting with it so changed to a beautiful hand dyed 'Opalish' yarn. I'm doing a toe up sock at the moment but I'm thinking of doing a cuff down version of the same sock too to give you all a choice for the first month. The sock is fairly easy and I'll do a tutorial for the toe up version and put some links up to other toe up tutorials. I really like the way the patterns is coming out and i'm not going to tell you what I'm doing yet.

I'm doing the toe up sock in solid but I'll do the cuff down sock in variegated so you can see how it looks in both types of yarn. I'll probably only get one done of each variety before the kal starts as I've got to type up the pattern too and the tutorial but I can then do the 2nd socks for both pairs during the month so I can knit along with the rest of you.

Only problem with starting a new sock design in the evening is that I stayed up far too late last night. Didn't start the sock till gone 9pm and then spent ages charting and swatching (while tryingto watch a rather complicated film and completely lost the plot - of the film that is). By the time I had decided what to do and started on the actual sock it was already past my bedtime but I wanted to do enough to see how the pattern would work. And finally hit the sack just after midnight happy iwth the way the sock was looking. Today I've got to focus on a submission sock and my friend's birthday sock (it's her birthday on Thursday and I've got half a sock left to do).

This morning I had a mad idea which may panic you all, how about a 'Super Sock Challenge' - a pair of socks in a week? No, terrifies most of you. Okay, perhaps we'll talk about it in a few months for those of you who are really, really superfast with the needles. I can think of one or two forum friends who wouldn't have any problems with that. LOL. Don't worry, I get these crazy ideas sometime, but it soon passes.

Happy Knitting and get all those sock wips finished so you're ready to go on the 1st May. I'll suggest yarn (although any 4ply/fingering/sock weight yarn should be okay) and needles size a week or so before the end of April so you're ready to go.

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Mia said...

Maybe over the summer holidays but remember that most of us have day jobs so a week is pushing it.