Tuesday, 4 December 2007

December Sock Started

well, I have just finished 2 Rows of the cuff yet, but I had to cast on :) It's my first fair-isle-pattern and don't know if I make it through or not... My socks will be white with a striped blue yarn.
Hope, you hear from me soon,


Barb W. said...

Novalia take it one row at a time. In order to keep track of what row I am on I use sticky notes under my current row. Another idea is to make a copy and as you complete a row draw a line through it.
After each row you might want to untwist your yarns. Another suggestion is to make sure you carry your yarn loosely across the back. If it is too tight, the pattern might become too snug resulting in your not being able confortably put on your sock.
As you go along, if you need help. Let us know. That is what we are here for. This is a rather simple fair isle pattern and a good one for a first time project.

Anni said...

Good advice from Barb. Just don't panic, take it one stitch at a time and as long as you don't pull the strands of yarn too tight at the back you hsould be fine. You're still only knitting one stitch at a time like any other knitting. And imagine how thrilled you'll be when it's done. Give us a shout if you get stuck.

Lil' Vicki said...

How are your socks doing?