Monday, 10 December 2007


Hi. Catlady here, checking in. (Catlady2 at Ravelry).

Have done one sock as far as the heel beginnings, one repeat of the snowflake pattern. Using Sisu yarn, and 2.75 mm bamboo dpns. First time for me to use bamboo needles - I decided I loved them. Started out with a set of five, but lost one right away, so had to buy a second set. :) I *can* knit with four needles, but this pattern works so nice on the fives... Anyway, I decided to cast on for the second sock, so I have that one working into the second round of the chart. I'll get it caught up to the first sock, then carry on with the heels.

Haven't taken a picture yet - will do so soon. They're blue and white, btw... :)

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