Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Toe ups?

I prefer to knit toe up socks. I need to know about how tall the snowflake pattern is so i can figure how when to start it so it ends up on he right place on the leg. Thanks in advance!


Dorene said...

One repeat of the snowflake design is 17 rows high. You can measure just how long 17 rows are when knitting the foot.

Anni said...

Good advice Dorene. I was going to get a tape measure out but I think probably deducting the number of rows of the chart from the total length is the best idea. It's an easy pattern to reverse though. I prefer toe up socks too but a lot of people don't so Itry to do a variety. At one point I got so into toe up socks that I forgot the heel turn on the top down sock which I'd had memorized before. LOL.

Dorene said...

The reason why she would have to measure it herself, is that we have no idea what yarn she is using and what her gauge is.
So, measuring 17 rows on the foot will allow her to figure out how high she wants to go on the leg before beginning the snowflakes.

Sandy and Steve said...

Duh! Measuring is so obvious! Why didn't i think of that? Thanks, Dorene, haven't started my snowflake socks yet, as I'm finishing up a different pair for my son for christmas. Size 13 feet!!! Had to order a third ball of sock yarn so they will be tall enough.

Dorene said...

Size 13's!!! You'll be busy for quite a while... lol