Wednesday, 30 April 2008

April Socks are Done!!!

Woooo Hooo, Life has been crazy so I was begining to wonder if I was going to be able to finish. I had to modify for our hot weather here so I only did one repeat of the blue bells and decided the ones hanging down would work best. This was fun and chalenging. I thought I was doing ok with the tension on the first one, it was snug but I was able to get it on. The second one I thought I was doing it looser but alas when I went to finish the toe I couldn't get it on. I believe I pulled it too tight at the begining of the guesset. We then started trying it on each child to see who would get the socks, 15yr old has same size feet as me so that didn't work, 13 yr old could get it on either, 7 yr old loves her new socks lol. After washing them they seemed to loosen up so I may try them again when they are dry. The colors are what was sent for the April Sockamania Plus, I love them, the green is so vibrant I can alsmost see the grass, the colors are so wonderful together. My May sock yarn and pattern arrived last night(US post) and I can hardly wait till tomorrow to cast on.

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Socks4Her said...

Wow mom I like your socks they look great.
Love your DD1