Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Just not going to happen right now

This is as far as I got just before our trip to England. I was trying the 2 circs method for the first time. When we got back, I picked it up again. Two rounds in I realized that where the joins between the two circs are it was puckering horribly. No way to fix it. So I ripped it out. But I really need to make this pattern for my daughter, Vicky, who is now living in England.

These are Bluebells from her garden in West Sussex. Very pretty flower. But the socks are not going to be finished anytime soon. And I didn't really like my yarn choices, so I will find new yarn as well. Great job to all who finished this month!

Sylvia in Ephraim


not just a mom said...

Sorry about the socks, but thank you for actual, real person, pictures of bluebells. They are so pretty!

Clari said...

Sorry you couldn't finish your socks. I was actually so looking forward to seeing your finished pair (I had seen them as WIP's on Ravelry). I am a NY Mets fan and you were using their colors so I was excited with your color choices.

BTW, the picture of the actual bluebell flower is really pretty.

psalm127 said...

Your daughter will have a lovely pair of socks when they are done. I am still working on March socks.lol Its funny how life happens. Love the real bluebells too.