Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Bluebell Socks

I wasn't going to even attempt these socks. I am deathly afraid of any color work, but since Anni said we could do just the leg part, I figured that the worst that would happen was that I'd be doing a bit of frogging. Since no one in my family has ever actually seen a bluebell, these are know as the "chicken socks" at my house.

These were a lot of fun to knit, and I am no longer afraid of color work (although since it is hot here for most of the year, I will probably never make a full sock of colorwork - the double thickness would make them virtually unwearable). I can't believe how quick they were to knit. I didn't start until the 10th, and they were finished by the 20th. They are lovely, and I am really wishing that I hadn't knit them in a main color that I don't love.

Also, I am very impressed with how tidy the inside of my socks looks, so I had to include a picture of that too.

Thank you for another wonderful pattern Anni, I'm looking forward to next month.


Sandy and Steve said...

They are lovely! Mine are turning out horrible, and will be frogged as soon as I post a photo of the disaster. I actually live in a climate where thick socks are very wearable half the year, so you could always send yours my way if they will sit in the back of your sock drawer gathering dust VBG.

Clari said...

So cute! I'll be doing just the leg color work, too.

Bronchitkat said...

I'm totally amazed by the tidiness of your sock insides too. Excellent.

psalm127 said...

They look wonderful. No puckers, I am trying to work on that. :)