Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Way behind, as always!

I've been meaning to post this for a couple weeks now. In April I knit one sock of the Simply Cables pattern by Anni. It came out beautifully and was looking forward to knit the second sock. Sadly I got distracted and knit other socks instead.

Simply Cables for Sockamania

Before I get to the second Simply Cables I decided to finish my New Years socks from back in January. I've almost got a full foot done already.

New Years Socks - Sockamania KAL January pattern

I loved how the first sock came out and was looking forward to seeing it happen on the second sock. It was going well all through the first third of the foot until there was a big knot in the skein. I sadly found out that I was now knitting with a totally different dye lot. So I've come to the sad conclusion that my finished socks wont match each other at all!


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Sandy and Steve said...

Well, they will be pretty anyway. Other have posted socks started from opposite ends of the skein and they look totally different too. As long as they are basically the same color, it won't matter.And if you wear them under long pants, no one will know VBG.