Sunday, 6 April 2008

March winners

..... are

 Not Just A Mom 

Please e-mail me on with your address and choice of yarn. You can choose one skein of yarn each from my Etsy shop.

I hope everythings gone okay while I've been away for a week. A huge thank you to my helpers, Pam, Barb & Pixie for all their help in sorting out the Google group. Not very good timing of me to go away first week of the month especially with hte new group starting up. I'm so grateful to Pam, Barb and Pixie for all their hard work this week.

Next month I've got a very special sock pattern (can't give any hints yet as Ive not actually designed it yet, although I have a few ideas) and lots of other surprises and competitions and giveaways planned. Why? Because Sockamania is a year old!!!!

Hope everyone's enjoying the April socks. If you find fair isle too challenging you don't have to do the 2 colour pattern all the way down the socks. YOu can do it only on the leg or something and still be included in the draw. Only condition for inclusion in the April draw is that your finished socks must have at least one band of Bluebells on them.

Happy knitting,



dustinac said...

Congrats!! : )

blueberries in the fields said...

cool ! Congrats girls !

not just a mom said...

Yeah, I'm happy dancing! Can't wait for some new, yummy yarn.