Thursday, 3 April 2008

Not quite there....

I am just turning the heel (toe up) so I did not quite make it this month either. I didn't start them until last Wednesday so with a full time job and a hubby who likes to run around it is no wonder.
I should be able to get April's done as I am going in for some surgery and will be at home for any where from 2 weeks to who knows. I will still be working, but not as many hours and will be doing my work from home, so more time to knit.
Need to order some yarn for the April socks as all I have is hand dyed and I just don't see what I have in these socks. (Really just an excuse to order more yarn, LOL.)
Lovely patterns, Anni, thanks.
I'll post a pic of my Mar socks when they are done.


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