Tuesday, 15 April 2008

(Not) Knitting the Bluebell Socks

Oooh wonderful, I thought, two colour knitting, in some of my favourite colours.

I'd done some two-colour knitting recently & realised I needed the practise - it's been a long time. Oh, the finished legwarmers looked ok, & worked (so our daughter tells me), I just wasn't that happy with they way they'd knitted up.

So I found a wonderful blue woollen yarn, & a ball of Opal Planete in lots of shades of green, plus some leftover turquoise & some pale green. Go for the "full bluebell woods in the spring with all the other leaves coming out & blue sky" look, I thought.

Then I started knitting. & came up with the idea I'd seen blogged about of knitting with one colour in each hand. Which is where things began to go pear shaped.
  • Step 1 - try knitting the sock that way. Oh dear, the needles, which are metal, keep slipping out, & I'm wondering how to cope with holding the dpns & the yarn in my left hand (I knit English style).
  • Step 2 - get two needles & some more yarn. Try teaching myself to knit Continental style. How do you hold the yarn in your left hand so it runs evenly?
  • Step 3 - get on with knitting other projects. One really is winter knitting & now that Spring has sprung . . .
  • Step 4 - go visit some bluebell woods locally cos they're coming out right now. Yup, colours are a good likeness.
  • Step 5 - decide these socks are very nice but I'm not going to make the April deadline. Not this year anyhow.
  • Step 6 - visit our local DIY shop to see whether they sell 2.75mm diameter dowelling.
  • Step 7 - make a set of 2.75mm dpns or, if answer to Step 6 was "No"
  • Step 7(alternative) - traipse off to LYS & buy some wooden 2.75mm dpns.
  • Step 8 - wonder if it's really all worth it for a pair of socks.
Of course it is. Come the hot weather, cos we might get hot weather this year, they'll be ideal knitting, & the aran cardigan won't be.

So they're currently in the wip pile. I shall return to them, honest! Once I've mistressed knitting Continental style on two needles, then on (wooden) dpns & at a decent speed!


not just a mom said...

I found this youtube video very helpful when I was switching to continental


Good luck!

Kerry said...

You just made me laugh.

I actually gave up and I'm going to give the pattern a try another time but using purl instead of another colour. Somebody suggested it on Ravelry and I love the idea. Fairisle just doesn't like me.