Monday, 25 August 2008

Arun Flowers

What a nice knit, thanks Anni.

Details: yellow yarn 'Primrose', 75% wool 25% nylon sock yarn, hand-dyed by Helen at Ripples Yarns; green yarn 'Snuggly', 4-ply pure new wool by Sirdar (I wanted to stretch the hand-dyed as far as possible. There's enough left for another pair of socks, if they're small ones.)

I did a picot edged cuff instead of the plain one suggested, think it looks prettier.

As for the name, DH took one look at what I was knitting & sang "Greeeeen and Yellow" which is one of the refrains from a traditional folk song about the death of a Lord Arun (Aran/Aren/Aron - he doesn't know the spelling, he only ever heard the song!) he used to sing in the Scouts.

So that's a present for the Niece done & dusted. Next?


Chelle said...

Lovely socks hon and great you have a present out of the way ... LOL, I am still working on the giving them away part !!!!

triconette said...

oooh, I like those colours....greeeeeen and yellow!

Nui said...

Your niece is one lucky girl!

Nui said...

Your niece is one lucky girl!