Saturday, 30 August 2008

September Sockamania Parcels/ Pattern; August Sockamania Draw

The September Sockamania PLUS parcels were sent out a bit late, but should start arriving soon. To give everyone the opportunity to see the September Sockamanina pattern at the same time, the September pattern will not be posted until Wednesday or Thursday, September 3/4.

The list for the August Sockamania drawing will be sent to Anni on September 1st. If anyone has completed the August pattern and not posted, please do so as soon as possible.

August 31st is also the deadline for posting your photos of completed May Celebration Stoles. So far there are only three participants. Anyone else?

Note from Pixie... If you have joined the Sockamania blog and not received your invite to join Googlegroups, please contact Pixie at Googlegroups is the only place where the current Sockamania pattern is posted each month. You must be a member in order to retrieve your copy.

If you are a member of Googlegroups and are having problems accessing the pattern, or even posting a message on the Sockamania blog, please contact us through the above email address. Unfortunately, the blogger does have it's problems and it will not always cooperate when your trying to post a message. We have the same problems too. There is nothing we can do about it except be patient. Eventually, the blogger gives in and your message will be posted.

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