Friday, 29 August 2008

Little Flower (modified)

Vinca sock yarn, US2. I really slowed myself down by putting in beads on the legs but I have so many and had to find a home for them. I change the top to picot. I recently found that I like the knit side on against my sole and I like the heel we used in the May Celebration sock.
Thank you Anni for another great sock pattern!


not just a mom said...

I finally got to see the picture big. So pretty - well worth the slow down.

Debi said...

Dear Princess,
That is called a "princess" sole because only a princess can feel the difference! (Princess and the Pea theory). Your socks are beautiful and perfectly knit.I must get the May Celebration sock from Anni's Etsy shop as I love the heel on your socks.