Saturday, 2 August 2008


Monika said goodbye I say hello, hello hello..........
My name is Marianne or for blogs( ), ravelry and so on as Marbada. That's 3 names combined.
Mine and of my 2 sons Bas en Daan who are already grown up now.

I started knitting when I was about 6 or 7 years and I started knitting socks when I was 42 Years old that was just last year. And I think, just like everybody who starts knitting socks I'm now an Addict.

I'm living in the Netherlands, Zeeland and working for 40 hours a week so knitting goes very slow in comparison with the old days when I stayed home for the children. I made all their clothes except underwear and.............. Socks!!
These I knitted on holiday, the mirrorsocks.

and now I'm working on the Firestarter wich I already frogged halfway so I can start with the heel again.

Now I'm gonna look what you all have made and if I can find some more lovely patterns.

Love being on sockmania .............thanks.

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