Saturday, 30 August 2008

...august socks...and july's..and june's...

I guess I'm a bit are June's rainforest, knitted in Silja on 2.5mm needles, done two at a time/magic loop (I LOVE it!!!) Already given away. July's celtic Opal on 2.5mm needles, magic loop, and pattern both up front and down the heel. I knitted these top down, since I don't seem to get the hang of toe up:-(

They are too small on my feet, so they go straight into the gift basket! I'd like to knit these again following the pattern to the letter!

August flowers...also with alterations...picot edging, flowers down the heel, a "normal" heel, since I'm also lousy at short row heels...and flowers all the way to the toe. Yarn: Sisu, on 2.5mm needles, magic loop...
I did start the celebration stole too, twice, but didn't like either yarn. I got this far:
I actually started out making the edge (4 points) and then picked up stitches, and made a sort of short row corner, but once I got to the pattern section, everything stopped. I regret not knitting this in stockinette instead of garterstitch. The yarn here is Schaefer's Anne. Really soft.

Anyway- I'm back on track-LOL- and will try to knit the next pair in time for the drawing!

Have a great Sunday!
(oh, by the way, is anyone else having problems with blogger! I seem to have 5 or 6 blogentrys on hold...)

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