Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Here They Are

I finnally finished. I was wondering if I was going to get them done. The pattern was fun and fast but my life these last several weeks has been crazy. My oldest daughter besides just getting her drivers permit has baffled us with and excrusating pain in her ab area. We have made numerous trips to the doctor, two Emergency Room visits and one hopsital stay, where they have drawn lots of blood, done an ultra sound and CT scan, and a colonosgpy. They ruled out appendisites, crohns, galblader and kidneys. Labs have all come out fine. The only thing is her intestins are inflamed but there is nothing to take away the pain, they don't know what caused it or when it will go away and every time she eats it causes more pain and she throws up.

These socks were fun, the yarn is so soft, it is Anni's Sockamania Plus yarn. I am looking forward to September socks. I love having the yarn and pattern shipped to me, I don't have to think about what yarn to use and then order it. No LYS in my area so all my yarn has to be ordered online. Package comes in the mail...we all get excited, the two oldest vi for who gets to open and see what color the yarn is for the month. We then wind it up on our ball winder and cast on. Lots of fun. Last night while working on them my youngest son (18 months) kept stealing my pattern and running off with it. When I started decreasing for the toe I let him run with it. It was funny to watch. If he wants up on my lap while I am knitting he moves my yarn and pattern to let me know it is his turn. ha ha


not just a mom said...

Love the socks! I understand about kids and knitting - mine think it's funny to mess me up while I'm counting.

Gluten allergy might be something to check into with your daughter.

kareno said...

I feel for your daughter. Many years ago, I was ill just as your daughter. I was a college senior at the time and was in and out of the hospital several times, but no diagnosis could be made. Since we live just south of Toledo, my dr. sent me to Univ. of Michigan hospital where they put me through a few different tests and I came away with a diagnosis of ileitis (sp?)--inflammation of the ileum. They saw a few pouches that held food, etc. and causes irritation. I took azulfadene for awhile and I ate baby food off and on in between bouts of not keeping food down. Just when I would start feeling good, I would eat something like corn or nuts and it would set me back. Finally had to cut out the foods that would "stick" to the intestine and irritate and make me throw up. Thank God for Uof M and baby food!! This whole thing took over 6 months to get over and I still was able to student teach and graduate. Though, at times, I wanted to die as the pain was that great. I told God I never wanted to not be able to eat again. It was awful. And now I'm fat as a house....(be careful what you wish for, so they say!).
God bless her, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Write me at if you would like. Perhaps I can remember something else that will help you.

Debi said...

Scary times with kids. I went through this a few years ago also. Cut down to plain white rice or a baked potato, no toppings for a while and then began adding cereals about every 10 days. I am sure your Dr. will help you figure it out. In the meanwhile God will never let you down. Hebrews 4:16
We will pray for you and your family.

Nui said...

The socks are beautiful. I hope your daughter is doing better.